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Specialties of Sardinia

In the mid-20th century descriptions of the island are characterised by the image of a primitive eating culture in which the inhabitants only ate bread, cheese, onions and vegetables. This misconception was fuelled by the Sardinians’ refusal to adopt modern innovations and their tenacious continuation of old traditions.

Today, the products from this island are appreciated throughout the world. Bread has always been the basic food of the shepherds and farmers. There are around one hundred kinds of bread in Sardinia. The “Pane Carasau” is very popular; crunchy flat bread, thin like paper, whose dough is rolled sheer and round with a rolling pin, wrapped in linen and baked in the pre-heated oven on a wide, glowing log of chestnut wood.

Cheese is also considered a basic food; everything the Sardinians eat is complemented with cheese. It is also produced according to the old recipes. The preservation of traditional processing methods, supported by a modern cellar technology, is also true of wine production. From top wines to table wine with a special flavour, you will find everything on Sardinia. So what characterises the Sardinian cuisine? The demand for freshness and quality ingredients. Simple recipes transform the humble charm of the Sardinian basic foods into a sensual pleasure which even Northern Europeans cannot resist.